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The Houston Test.


When an invitation to compete at the annual Houston Vert Ramp skateboarding competition arrives, a 15 year old from a small alpine town New Zealand sets off on a journey to discover if he has what it takes to compete at an international level in the USA. 


The Film.

Zedyn Fellows, a 15 year old skateboarder from a small alpine town in the south of New Zealand, sets out on a journey to prove himself on the world stage. But does winning multiple national competitions in a country of 5 million, translate to success in a place with over 330 million people? And can a young teen keep his composure and compete at his best when facing off against his idols, in the country where vert skateboarding was created?


We follow Zedyn as he travels from Wānaka NZ to Houston TX in this documentary film about trial, self discovery & coming of age… oh, and Skateboarding, lots of Skateboarding. 


Meet Zedyn

Zedyn began skateboarding at age 9 and in recent years has progressed to become one of New Zealand's greatest vert skateboarders.

At age 13 Zedyn realised that the 'Under 16' competition wasn't challenging him, so he began to enter the 'Open' division. His first entry to an open competition saw him walk away with 3rd place, and since then he has been winning national competitions around the country, outclassing former pro skaters of much greater age and experience.




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Who are we?

The production team behind this project are lead by Film Maker Joe Murdie and Producer Erin Murdie. Founders of The Film Crew Ltd and OurFilm.Group Joe and Erin have been producing film and commercial content for many years.


Being Wānaka based and with a passion for board sports Joe has worked with Zedyn a number of times in the past, most notably on Fourteen Foot Journey, a doco short about the construction of a vert ramp at the Fellows property here in Wānaka. 

Credited titles across the team can be found at

Producer - Erin Murdie

Director / DP - Joe Murdie

Production Co-ordinator - Anna McConville

Editing - Whitney Oliver & Joe Murdie

Colourist - TBC

Sound Composition & Mastering - Danny Fairley



Hear from


Houston Vert Ramp

The Houston Vert Ramp, or HVR for short, is a well regarded vert ramp, set in a hanger in Houston TX. HVR is home to the annual competition know as 'Banger in the Hanger' which in previous years has drawn in the who's who of international vert skateboarding including the likes of Tony Hawk, Kevin Staab, Bucky Lasak and many more. 

The 2022 event takes place in November and Zedyn Fellows has received an invitation to compete

Film Technical details

Execution: January '22

Development / Pre Production: February - October ‘22

Principle Photography: November ‘22 

Post Production: December ‘22 - January ‘23

Delivery: March ‘23

Style: Observational mode documentary short w/ interview narrative

Aspect ratio: 2:1

Resolution: 6K

Cameras: RED Digital Cinema

Want to get involved?

We are currently seeking platform commitment and sponsorship for financial support.

We have opportunities for sponsors in many shapes and sizes including presenting partners and producer credits. 

Contact us on for more info. 

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